Hello. About
Andrea Alarcon

I am a Post Doctoral Fellow in Digital Cultures and Societies at the University of Queensland . I got my PhD at USC Annenberg , and I am originally from Colombia. Broadly, my research interests lie at the intersection of media and Science and Technology Studies. I study mobilities; cultures of transnational, remote work; on-demand workers and freelancers; feminized maintenance of workspaces; media tales of tech; civic social media in Latin America.

My research can be found in New Media and Society, the International Journal of Communication, Mass Communication & Society, and in the edited volume Popular Culture and the Civic Imagination: A Casebook. I have also done research with the IDRC and USAID in projects about the "future of work" in the "Global South".

You can follow me wherever I go. If you are looking for something more serious you can go here , or a full work trajectory story here. I made this website on notepad in 2005 so thank you to UF's Comm's department early web design class for making me sentimentally attached to it.